History of Baltic-Pontic Studies (BPS)

Baltic-Pontic-Studies is a yearbook published since 1993 together by two institutes of the Adam Mickiewicz University (UAM) in Poznań, Poland: the Institute of Archaeology (until 2017: Institute of Prehistory) and the Institute of Eastern Studies. The idea of a journal that would present in English the effects of the archaeological work concentrated on the biocultural borderland between the West and East of Europe. Seats on the Editorial Board were accepted by distinguished scholars of 'archaeology of the borderland' from the academic centres of Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. Under the mode of operations adopted at the BPS, stimuli for new volume are given by members of the Editorial Board. They suggest crucial research issues, calling for a discussion and then presentation in the form of a set of papers or monographs, and outline the best ways to undertake their studies further. First, the Editorial Board members choose a team of potential contributors and, second, decide on the forms of collaboration and sources of financing; the latter usually come in the form of grants. Thus, BPS volumes carry exclusively commissioned papers. BPS is on the ERIH list. Moreover, we are pleased to inform that BPS volumes currently out of print (1-20) are available online at the Adam Mickiewicz University Repository (AMUR): repozytorium.amu.edu.pl. Starting with volume 20, the BPS is also available on the De Gruyter Open platform.
BPS Editorial Committee

The BPS Editorial Committee is located at the Institute of Archaeology, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland.

The editor-in-chief of the BPS is Aleksander Ko¶ko, plenipotentiary of the Rector of the UAM for the implementation of the Agreement on Research Collaboration between the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and the Institute of Archaeology of Ukraine's National Academy of Sciences, drawn up in Kiev in 1992.

The co-editors of individual volumes (including also volumes devoted to the work of a single author) have been so far: Lucyna Domańska, Ken Jacobs, Viktor I. Klochko, Marzena Szmyt, Katarzyna ¦lusarska, Serhiy Razumov, Sławomir Pietrzak, Marcin Ignaczak

BPS Editorial Board

Members of the BPS Editorial Board:

Sophia S. Berezanskaya (Kiev), 
Lucyna Domańska (ŁódĽ), 
Elena  G.  Kalechyts  (Minsk),  
Viktor  I.  Klochko  (Kiev), 
Mykola  N.  Kryvaltsevich  (Minsk),  
Roman  Litvinenko (Donieck), 
Jan Machnik (Kraków), 
Przemysław Makarowicz (Poznań),  
Vitaliy  V.  Otroshchenko  (Kiev),  
Marzena  Szmyt (Poznań), 
Petro Tolochko (Kiev).

Mailing address: 

"Baltic-Pontic Studies"
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Tel. +48 61 829-1418
E-mail: antokol@amu.edu.pl
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