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The aim of the project is to identify prehistoric and historical settlement along the plains on both sides of the Great Zab river, at the foot of the mountains of Kurdistan. In order to complete this objective, archaeological survey will be carried out within the work permit area (UGZAR - Upper Greater Zab Archaeological Reconnaissance) (MAP 1). A detailed catalogue of archaeological sites will be created as a result of this survey, spanning from the Paleolithic period to the late Middle Ages, and will contain data about the size, duration of occupation, and the conservation status of each identified site. A comprehensive outline of the history of settlement in the region will be developed on this basis. 



The project "Settlement history of Iraqi Kurdistan" is financed by two subsequent research grants awarded by the National Science Centre: no 2011/03/B/HS03/01472 (of the program OPUS 2) active in years 2012-2014., no. 2014/13/B/HS3/04872 (program OPUS 7) in years 2015-2018. The final results of the project will be published towards the end of 2018 in five volumes, including an atlas, three volumes presenting documented sites and other documents, and a volume containing settlement analyzes.


The project is carried out by Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, directed by professor Rafał Kolinski of the Institute of Prehistory (since October 2016 Institute of Archaeology), in cooperation with the Polish Centre Of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw, the "Past and Present" Foundation, and the Direction of Antiquities of Kurdistan, including its Erbil and Duhok branches).

The research team would like to thank our Kurdish colleagues from the General Directorate of Antiquities: the director Mr. Abubakir O. Zainadin (Mala Awat), Mr. Nader Babaker (Research Department), Mr. Keifi Ali Mustafa (Legal Department), Direction of Antiquities of the Erbil province, Mr. Haydar H. Hussein (the director in 2012), Mr. Nader Babaker (the director in years 2013-2016), as well as, Dr. Hassan A. Qasim the director of Antiquities of the Duhok province. It was only due to their assistance that all the formal requirements were met, and a work permit for archaeological survey granted.

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