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Field activities: September 20th  - October 23th 2012
Area of activities: Governorate of Erbil (MAP 3)
Area covered: c. 370 km2
Sites identified: 37
UGZAR field team: Dr. Rafał Koliński (IP UAM), Dr. Dorota Ławecka (IA UW), Dr. Michał Krueger (IP UAM), Ms. Joanna Mardas (IP UAM), Mrs. Xenia Kolińska (Fundacja "Present & Past"), Mr. Marcin Szabłowski (photographer), Mr. Khalil Barzanji, Mr. Rozhgar Ali (Direction of Antiquities Erbil)


Tightly slashed area on the map indicates area covered by intensive survey (including transects between the site). Sparsely spaced slashed indicate areas covered with survey based exclusively on satellite imagery, Iraqi maps, and interviews with local population, without transects.

Of 37 sites evidenced 33 were documented in full - in the remaining 3 cases it was impossible mainly because the site was entirely covered with modern buildings. The last site (S033) could not be measured for security reasons. 

The collected material was fully studied only in case of sites S002-S019 and S027, due to requirement to deposit sherds in the Erbil Civilization Museum prior the Eid al-Fatha (October 26th). The remaining sherds will be studied during either the 2013 or 2014 season. 


Report on the 2012 field season
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