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Poznań Young Researchers Archaeology Conference 2023

Poznań Young Researchers Archaeology Conference 2023 is an international and interdisciplinary meeting created by Young Researchers for Young Researchers, held in person 16-19 January 2023 at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland.

Young Researchers - PhD candidates, graduate students, and graduates in archaeology and related fields - are invited to share their research in an open, friendly, and diverse space full of passionate researchers, and send in submissions to one of four thematic panels:

  1. Archaeological Science - directed mainly towards interdisciplinary research; suggested topics include, but are not limited to: bioarchaeology, archaeogenetics, archaeobotany, zooarchaeology, isotope analysis, palaeoanthropology and palaeopathology.
  2. Heritage - covering broad range of topics, from archaeology and post-colonialism, indigenous archaeology, gender and feminist archaeology, cultural repatriation, heritage protection and conservation
  3. Landscape - among many others, focusing on remote sensing methods and Geographic Information Systems in archaeology, anthropopressure, relations between landscape and culture and settlement research.
  4. Finds, Field, and Material Studies - dedicated to those researchers who wish to share results of their field research, as well as those interested in topics such as: prehistoric art, lithic and ceramics analysis, textiles, use-wear analysis.
  5. Poster session - which welcomes all kinds of topics.

Please sent your submission via Google Submission Form no later than 10.06.2022.

Please remember the official conference language is English.

Conference fee is 70€, and covers venue, coffee breaks, meals for all Speakers, conference materials, and an official opening banquet on the first day. Publishing conference proceedings in a peer-reviewed journal is also planned.

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Facebook: @PYRAConf

Karolina Joka, MA

Zuzanna Kowalczyk, MA

Diana Mroczek, MA

Sonia Tomczak, MA


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